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To be able to function.


October 13th, 2017

Pay your dues. Get your skin in the game and play again. The rules are simple: One comes from the the title to the 3rd Studio Album from Snoop Dogg "Da Game is to be sold, Not to be told" and the other is "The Lion is most handsome when looking for food" from Rumi.

Insert *Moment of Silence*

Experience is king. You will learn either because it was earned or because you got burned… either way you need to get back into the game. Paying for your mistakes is a beautiful thing because (hopefully) you won’t do it again. Somebody telling you to not touch the fire only goes so far until you decide you want to try it for yourself.

No matter how

“First of all, we are living on borrowed time. Why not pay up and do something thats worth it.”

The people who are looking for food are too busy working to stop to tell you the whole story. You have to pay your dues and learn the game because your game is different than anyone else and it won't just be told to you. It’s like saying you know how to write a blog article. Saying you know something doesn't mean much, you have to do it and then the work will sell and explain itself.

If you are still reading this far into this post then you know the hand you need to play and for Gosh sakes please pay your parents/family/friends/ for letting you live on their sofa.

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