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October 10th, 2017

We are not settlers living in the wild who need to prepare provisions for the coming cold months. We barely have to struggle living off of the bread and milk that we have scavenged from the heated grocery store for those days that we are cooped up inside our house during a hard storm. I know that the weather in the Northern states is worse than here in the South but we do live in the 1st Century of the 3rd Millenium (yes, that's the 21st Century).

My recommendation is an Office Swear Tip Jar where you put a $1 into the jar for each time you or a co-worker say “Winter is coming”. Take the money at the end of the week and give it to the homeless because they are the ones who will be suffering the impending winter. I have put time and effort (i.e- searching into finding suitable replacements (see below for Reference #1).

Just remember, I don’t blame you, I blame myself.

    (Reference #1) Winter...
  • in the cards
  • is almost here
  • approache-eth (so you can still feel GOT cool)
  • is right around the corner
  • is drawing near
  • advancing (lame, but still ok)
  • is brewing
  • is close
  • will be here soon
  • next

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